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  • Strictly No riding in paddock and parking fields.
  • Do not leave any litter behind, this will be strictly monitored.
  • You must always park your vehicles where an official has asked you to.
  • Do not start bike engine until 10.00am at the earliest.
  • ALWAYS book in advance for early discounts to race see for details £25 deposit payable (Refunds subject to Admin Charge)…Day entries are NOW £60.
  • Always check that overnight camping is available.
  • Dogs must be on a leash at ALL times at an event venue Deemed dangerous Dogs Must Be muzzled.
  • Children under 10 must be supervised by an adult at all times at an event.
  • Abuse to any official or marshal or non compliance with any instruction will lead to you being removed from the event.
  • No camp fires at ANY event unless authorised by CTR Events.


  • Racing rules. Noncompliance of these rules will result in instant EXCLUSION. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


  • Strictly No refuelling with engine running.
  • Fuelling is only allowed in the fuel area.
  • Only rider + 1 helper is allowed in pit area.
  • Walking Pace in fuel area Pits  lap scoring etc.
  • Overtaking in lap scoring lane is strictly prohibited NO OVERTAKING.
  • All riders MUST STOP at lap scoring.
  • Bikes MUST have clear race numbers on ALL THREE sides of machine.
  • All riders must have the minimum of Helmet, Boots, & Goggles NO TEAR OFF’s.
  • Helmets MUST be fastened at ALL times.
  • Riders must sign on before competing.
  • Course cutting is strictly not allowed unless instructed by an official member of CTR race staff Corse Cutting INSTANT EXCLUSION.
  • Riding through the course markings, i.e. STAKES and TAPE is INSTANT EXCLUSION.
  • Do not EVER travel against oncoming traffic in ANY event.
  • Noisy bikes will not be tolerated.
  • Noisy bikes will not be allowed to start and will receive NO refund.
  • Noisy bikes that become noisy within the race duration will be removed from the track. (i.e... lost silencer at 1 hour mark etc!)
  • 94db is maximum noise level ..94db is preferred. It is rider responsibility to maintain and silence his/her exhaust levels.
  • Abusive behaviour to other riders or officials is strictly prohibited you will be pulled over and spoken to.
  • Faster riders Must shout or beep horns etc to pass slower Riders Must keep their line and not move left or Right as the faster rider must overtake either side, As this causes accidents.
  • PIT CREW’S rider supporters MUST KEEP away from the LAP SCORING area at all times, RIDER will be EXCLUDED if there are persistent offenders.
  • OK  :-
  • You CAN swap wheels on a machine in the event of a puncture/ moose break up etc…
  • Fast fills are allowed to be used in pits.
  • If you are retiring from an event you CAN cross the tracks for a quicker way back to paddock.
  • You CAN ride your machines to start line/tech inspection at walking pace.
  • You CAN receive goggles/drink etc from helpers at any point of trackside, apart from lap scoring area.
  • You CAN ask an official for advice at ANY TIME.
  • Finally :-…
  • A RIDER can be moved UP or DOWN a CLASS at any TIME by the CTR Events management team, if HE or SHE is deemed to be in the WRONG CLASS, i.e. LAP TIMES or lapping MOST in their class.(they would lose any previous points gained)
  • Generally 5 podium visits in a lower class (Novice) and that rider is upgraded.
  • It is up to the rider to select the best class for his/her ability.
  • The best lady receives an award at each event.





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