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Brad Williams is back to winning at CTR EVENTS Summer Cross Country Championship 2017 Round 1 at the awesome Tal-Sarn MX circuit.

Brad Williams is back to winning at CTR EVENTS Summer Cross Country Championship 2017 Round 1 at the awesome Tal-Sarn MX circuit.

Brad Williams made winning return to CTR with an impressive performance to take the win on lap 10 form Matthew Jones and they both pushed each hard all the way to the end of CTR’s 4 mile Enduro Cross Country course that started with the fantastic naturally formed MX track.

At the start CTR dropped the flag for the Experts with Mathew Jones grabbing the holeshot from Brad Williams and Ben Howell with the rest of the class, Next CTR dropped the flag for the Vet Experts with Grant Churchward grabbing the holeshot, Next away was the Clubman with Graham Owens grabbing the holeshot, Next away was the Vet Clubman and Over 50’s with Phil George grabbing the holeshot in the Over’s and Carl Davies holeshoting the Vet Clubman, Next let loose the Novice-Sportsman class with Jac George closely followed by Chris Williams and the rest of the hard charging pack, as all the CTR racers left sight after the very impressive sight and sound of the big hill and some riders having a second attempt all eyes was on who would appear first at lap scoring.

At lap scoring it was Brad Williams to lap 1st just a few seconds infront of Matthew Jones Ashley Greedy Ben Howell and Jamie Llewellyn with Grant Churchward leading the Vet Experts around with Ryan Leary and Paul Biggs just a couple of seconds behind, Rhodri Gardener led the Clubman around with Dominic Lyons and Dan Lewis chasing him not to far behind ever fast Phil George led the Over 50’s around and Carl Davies led the Vet Clubman around.

Mid race the lead changed from Ashley Greedy who took a short lived lead on the 3rd lap only to drop out 3 laps later with bike failure, Matthew Jones moved into the lead with Brad Williams coming back after a steady few laps with arm pump, Ben Howell dropped out of 3rd with a snapped chain, Grant Churchward was leading the Vet Experts, Carl Davies was leading the Vet Clubman, Phil George was leading the Over 50’s, Rhodri Gardener was leading the Clubman and Young Jac George was leading the Novice class.

At the chequered flag Brad Williams took the win from Matthew Jones and Jamie Llewellyn, Grant Churchward won the Vet Experts with Paul Biggs 2nd and new boi to the Vets Richard Baxter, Phil George won the Over 50’s from Darren Williams and Richard Lewis, and Carl Davies won the Vet Clubman from Ryan Mitchell and Ceri Nicholas, Rhodri Gardener won the Clubman class from Dan Lewis and Dominic Lyons, Jac George won the Novice class Joshua Rees was 2nd and Scott Owens was 3rd.

It was a great days racing enjoyed by everyone involved a was a great spectacle to watch especially the great hill and the MX corners and jumps and if anyone was out on the Enduro loop the high speed corners, Hills and chambers, A massive thanks to team CTR and all the helpers see you all at CTR SXCC Round 2 07.05.17.


by CTREvents