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Derek Bawn Wins CTR Protect My Income Enduro Hare & Hounds Championship 2019

CTR Protect My Income Enduro Hare & Hounds Championship 2019

Derek The Hamer Bawn take the wins after a great battle with early leader David Kip Herring, Alfie Webb and Tim Forman, David Herring had the early led and was sure to take it until his rear tyre came off on the last lap leaving the hard charging Derek Bawn to take the win at Team CTR’s awesome venue with very fast blasts, woods, bogs and a MX track at the start and finish of the 5.5 mile Enduro loop.

At the start and with a great entry of mixed racers, CTR dropped the flag to release the group of Elite, Expert including the Vets with the holeshot going to Derek Bawn, Next away the Clubman A & B with Scott Owens getting the holeshot, Next away the Vet Clubman and Over 50’s with David Carvell getting the holeshot, last set free the Novice class.

As they all disappeared from sight the first rider to lap the course was David Kip Herring form Alfie Webb, Tim Forman and Derek Bawn, Chris Bryant led the Expert class around, Next class leader around was Vet Elite Jason Rees with Sean O’Neill hot on his tail with Anthony Marsh leading the Vet Experts around, Ross Lower led the Clubman A class around and Richie Elliott led the Clubman B around David Carvell led the Vet Clubman around Phil George led the Over 50’s around with Cynan Jones led the Big Youth around Ben Giles led the Novice class around with Oliver Tiley leading the Small Youth around on his TM 85.

It was a great days racing enjoyed by all thanks to all involved, A mazzive thanks to all team CTR and the land owner next event is July 20/21 see you all there CTR Events.

Elite Class

  1. Derek Bawn HUS 300 17 Laps                                     
  2. Alfie Webb SHE 125 16 Laps
  3. Tim Forman BET 300 16 Laps

Expert Class

  1. Lewys Ralph YAM 125 16 Laps
  2. Chris Bryant KTM 300 15 Laps
  3. Alex Van Dyke KTM 300 15 Laps

Clubman A

  1. Ross Lower HUS 250 14 Laps
  2. Anthony Francis KTM 300 14 Laps
  3. Scott Owens HUS 300 14 Laps

Clubman B

  1. Richie Elliott KTM 300 14 Laps
  2. Alex Dawson TM 250 12 Laps
  3. Michael Davies HUS 300 12 Laps


  1. Rhys Boycott TM 300 12 Laps
  2. Ben Giles HUS 250 12 Laps
  3. Ricki Blanch KTM 300 12 Laps

Youth Big

  1. Cynan Jones BET 125 14 Laps
  2. Cameron Games KTM 150 12 Laps
  3. Jamie Giles KTM 125 8 Laps

Youth Small

  1. Oliver Tiley TM 85 10 Laps

Vet Elite

  1. Sean O’Neill KTM 250 15 Laps
  2. Paul Downing KTM 350 15 Laps
  3. Jason Rees KTM 15 Laps

Vet Expert

  1. Anthony Marsh HUS 250 15 Laps
  2. Cefyn Games KTM 150 14 Laps
  3. Ryan Mitchell BET 300 14 Laps

Vet Clubman

  1. David Carvell KTM 300 14 Laps
  2. Steve Watson TM 250 14 Laps
  3. Jeff Morris HUS 250 13 Laps

Over 50

  1. Rob Murfin HUS 300 13 Laps
  2. Adrian Evans KTM 300 13 Laps
  3. Richard Holland SHE 300 13 Laps







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