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WSC The Final 2017 Race Report Matthew Jones Wins again

Matthew Jones Wins again at CTR winter series final

Matthew Wimpy Jones is on a winning streak with ever improving results and a very smooth and strong performance every time he led the race from start to finish always pushing and stretching his lead around the CTR 5 mile XC Enduro loop with a full mix up of old MX track, with deep dark ever green woods, rocky stream beds, 3 hard easy route options of steep descents very steep hill climb and a 40 metre rock garden with fast flowing grassy bits and flowing sweeping bending farm roads with jumps and drop offs before completing the lap back to lap scoring.

At the start CTR dropped the flag releasing the Experts and Vet Experts Matthew Jones got the holeshot from Rhys Davies and Danny Thomas and Paul Biggs got the Vet Expert holeshot, Next CTR dropped the flag for the Clubman class with Sam Skyrme grabbing the holeshot, Next to be unleashed the Vet Clubman and Over 50’s with Carl Davies grabbing the holeshot and Phil George getting the Overs holeshot, Next released was the Novice class with Alfie Webb getting the holeshot.

At lap scoring the 1st rider to lap was Rhys Davies on his new bike with Matthew Jones hot on his tail just a couple of seconds behind him with Derek Bawn Jack Heath and Co snapping at their heals not too far behind, next class leader around the lap was Clubman rider the big and flying Sam Skyrme hot on the tail of Gethin Francombe and just infront of Ben Howell, the next class leader around was Vet Expert Paul Biggs with a massive lead over his reveals, the next class leader around was new Vet Clubman Andy Card with the rest of his competition over half a minute behind, the next class leader around was Over 50’s racer Phil George with Rob Murfin right behind him, Alfie Webb led the Novice class around on his new 125  it’s good to see he’s getting to grips with it now.

At midway Matthew Jones was in a commanding lead Derek Bawn was 2nd and Jack Heath pushed his way upto 3rd Paul Biggs was miles ahead in the Vet Expert class, Carl Davies was leading the Vet Clubman from Andy Card with Ryan Mitchell and Jeff Morris on an invisible rope sticking to each other like glue, The mighty Sam Skyrme was in command of the Clubman class with Raife Macdonald in second and Jamie Biggs 3rd and Alex Van Dyke and Clinton Thomas all battling for 3rd, Phil George was leading the Over 50’s class Rob Murfin and Richard Holland fighting it out for 3rd, Alfie Alski Webb was in a commanding lead in the Novice class with Michael Clark, Evan Davies and Grant Maguire  battling for 3rd.

At the chequered flag it was the supper fast Matthew Wimpy Jones taking the win with 1 more lap than anyone else with the hard charging Derek Bawn 2nd and Jack Heath 3rd, Paul Biggs won the Vet Expert blowing the rest of his class away, Carl Davies won the Vet Clubman class from new boy Andy Card fresh out of nappies with Ryan Mitchell 3rd, Phil George won the Over 50’s from Richard Holland and Rob Murfin, Sam Skyrme won the Clubman class from Raife Macdonald and Jamie Biggs, Alfie Alski Webb won the Novice class from Michael Clark and Evan Davies.

It was a great days racing and end to the CTR WSC 2016 with Matthew Jones winning the Expert championship winning all 6 rounds, Paul Biggs won the Vet Expert championship, Adrian Llewellyn won the Vet Clubman championship, Mike Crumb won the Over 50’s championship, Lewys Ralph won the Clubman championship and Michael Clark won the Novice class championship thanks to all involved in both today’s race and supporting the CTR championship, A massive thanks to all team CTR the land owners and CTR sponsors, Next event is CTR WXCC round 1.

by CTREvents